Imagine yourself traveling to ITALY,
Staying at a BEAUTIFUL Villa from the 12th century,
Waking up to some of the most panoramic VIEWS on Earth,
Having a personal CHEF cook fabulous meals, and
Taking escorted day trips to view HISTORY from two thousand years ago!
Stop imagining… LIVE IT!
Join Chef Maurizio on an extraordinary TRIP to his
Motherland, the AMALFI coast of Italy.

Be Ready for an Adventure to Italy!

You Are Going to Remember it Forever

The Amalfi coast of Italy is an UNESCO World Heritage Centre. It was chosen as an outstanding example of Mediterranean landscape, with exceptional cultural and natural scenic values resulting from its dramatic landscape and historical evolution. It is a place like no other in the World and should be on everyone’s Must-See list! Here is more info from UNESCO.

Stay at a fantastic Villa that was built in the 12th Century, expanded in the 16th and then 18th Century, and meticulously remodeled a few years ago. Much of its original character can still be seen including vaulted ceilings and stone walls, but the striking new amenities rival any 5 STAR European hotel, and far exceeds many of them! It even has an infinity pool to lounge in and relax while watching the seascape before you!

In a Beautiful Villa

What's Better than a Great Location and a Cozy Atmosphere

Share the Villa with your close friends or Family, or make new ones, as you enjoy this unique travel opportunity. The Villa has six bedrooms and five bathrooms from which to choose:


This romantic private suite with a separate bedroom, a private bathroom and a entrance is like being in an apartment. It is on the top floor of the Villa and has its own entrance and a stunning private terrace with unending views.


Located on the main floor of the Villa, this charming room has a set of French doors leading to a private terrace. The bathroom just down the hall is the largest in the villa with a tub!


Also on the main floor of the Villa, this room has a large window with an ever changing view of the seascape. It shares a bathroom with the SECONDO.


This last room on the main floor can be shared by a couple or an excellent opportunity for a single! It shares a bathroom with the PRIMO.


The first room on the first floor of the Villa, has a fabulous en suite bathroom and a window with a view. It shares an entrance with the POZZO, and a separate one from the expansive garden.


An ideal room for up to three people! It is the largest room of the house, with an en suite bathroom and no sea view but rather French doors leading to the old water well of the property. It shares the entrance with the GIARDINO.

Accommodations are based on Double Occupancy and vary in price according to room and amenities. The price also includes 5 home cooked regional meals using local seasonal ingredients with local wine pairing.

We are not just limited to Italy!

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